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Providence Management

Full information about Providence Management — 915 North New Hope Road, Gastonia, North Carolina 28054 North Carolina 28054

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915 North New Hope Road,
Gastonia, North Carolina

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+1 704-853-0025

Finance Real estate agency

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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I rented through them for a year and always paid rent on time and took care of the house I was in. When I first moved in there were some issues going on that NEVER got resolved and when it was time for me to move out I spent a lot of time cleaning real good. They told me that they have 30 days to send my deposit back to me but didn't hear anything for OVER 30 days... When I finally talked to someone about it they said it for sent to the wrong address and was sent back to them and they resent it back to me only I NEVER GOT IT. when I asked about canceling the money order they sent to me and resend it they acted like it was a problem. Then I find out I'm not getting my deposit back at all and that I actually owe them money!!! AND some of the things that I got deducted for were absurd! $75 for a broken blind, $25 for batteries?!?!? And $350 for a small hole in a door!!!! Plus other things! I felt like I was treated unfairly and would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!!!!
    By Stephanie Maiers, November 12, 2017
  • Providence manages several of our rental properties and do a great job! We are so happy with the service that we get from everyone there. They are all so nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone with rental property.
    By Kelly Reece, September 21, 2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Homeowners wanting to rent their property beware! Long story short, if they treat the homeowners unprofessionally and disrespectfully, how would they treat our tenants? I rarely write negative reviews but their disrespect for my time and poor and ignored communication was my tipping point. There is no way I could entrust these people to take care of both my property and my tenants the way they deserve to be treated, especially living on the other side of the country in CA. Read on if you're a property owner looking for a rental company..... Staff is young and inexperienced. Chelsea couldn't answer any simple questions without running to her manager and I was still given incorrect information. I was told I wouldn't be charged a 10% project fee for painting my house to make it "rent ready" only to find after I flew into Charlotte from CA and back that they were going to charge me. Was also told they have all the resources for any type of house project although she had no clue when I asked her about finding a siding contractor and masonry contractor one week later. Wasted two weeks of house preparation time and a round trip waiting to get answers to my questions. When I asked to speak to her manager Deanna (?) she refused to call me back unless I conveyed the issue through Chelsea. After several requests to speak to Deanna directly, she finally graces me with a phone call and after the first minute of discussing my concern about Chelsea I realize I'm on speaker phone and Chelsea is in the room with her! Cute...very professional; you never put your client on a speaker phone without asking permission and certainly don't have someone in the room with you without divulging it first. Upon telling Deanna I was firing her company due to misinformation from her employee and unprofessional conduct from herself, the attitude got even worse. I still haven't received a simple e-mail I requested stating we had broken our agreement nor have they returned any of my e-mails inquiring about receiving the correct house keys back. Apparently, they don't handle complaints very well either.
    By Ken Pearce, August 17, 2017
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